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Submission Tips: 

-Take a photo of your work in good light, or outside during the day. 

-If possible, scan your art.

-If possible, send a high-resolution image. Got a big file? Upload it to the dropbox below.

Please Remember to: 

-Include your preferred name or handle. So Grace X can give you a shout out!   

-A link to your website, or Instagram (optional).

-Some information that you would like to share with the group about your art, and or yourself(optional). 

By submitting you agree to the Terms and Conditions:

Artwork submitted to Studio-Spaced can be used and appear on all platforms for example but not limited to, the Studio-Spaced Instagram, YouTube and twitch.  You are also agreeing to permit Studio-Spaced to edit your art if necessary for the purposes of incorporating it into scenes. Your art may also appear in content intended for promotional purposes. 

Ways to Submit your work:

1- Upload a file to Dropbox

3-  Send your file or link to Grace X 

2- Share to Discord

              Calls for Submissions 

Get ready! New collaborative art projects coming soon!